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2320 W.Alabama, Houston, TX, TEL:713-533-0029

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"In case you wish to read no further - bottom line - excellent......"
��This restaurant has food for almost everyone in my opinion - from the macrobiotic to the vegan to the fish eater......"
"The food is always fresh, from scratch, creative and beautiful. The owners and staff are super, and the prices are great......"

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"The food is of much variety and taste fantastic!......"
"The food is consistently delicious and high-quality here......"
"For a vegetarian, vegan or someone who just likes to eat healthy and tasty food, with interesting flavors and ingredients, Field of Greens is a treat......"

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"The menu was creative and delicious, the staff was friendly......"
"...the food is good and the service is friendly. They can make your order vegan upon request......"
"It's the kind of place you'd meet an old friend for a meal, where you'd grab a quick bite after a workout, or a quiet place to go to study and refuel......"

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"......You don't have to be vegetarian to enjoy the food here......."
"...Everything was fantastic! I was so impressed and cleaned my plate entirely. Fresh and delicious means you just can't go wrong......."
"Oh my gosh-- I LOVE this place!!! It has been a very long time since I had been to a restaurant where *every* *single* *thing* on the menu looked amazing......."

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What the Press said:

"...In a town where a menu without the holy trinity of cheese, beef, and bacon fta might induce a heart attack. Field of Greens responds with heartwarming and heart-healthy food that might actually save you from one......But with so many places trying to kill you these days, it's hard to eat out without getting and earful from your mother or an eyebrow raise from your doctor. And field of Greens is one of the rare places that you can actually enjoy without having to lie to them.

"Field of Greens (2320 W. Alabama) is the perfect place for vegetarian and vegan dining," says Laura M. Hurt, corporate sales coordinator for Borders River Oaks. "Everything I've tried has been delicious, and if you are new to vegetarian foods, try the vegetarian BLT -- you won't be disappointed!"

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Business Journal"A couple of doctors in the Medical Center regularly send patients to Field of Greens when prescribing a better diet... [Owner] Tao Zhou is inspired to start a restaurant to provide genuinely healthy food to others. She must be doing something right... People come because the food is good."

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"When guilt and an ever-snugger wardrobe make me think of (shudder!) dieting, the vegetarian Field of Greens comes to mind."

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"The group meets on the second Thursday of the month at Field of Greens restaurant, 2320 W. Alabama......The atmosphere at Field of Greens is more intimate.......and appears to draw from a broader age group......"

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